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Monday, 15 October 2018

Water melon toxic when it comes to excessive

Eating water melon and banana called lakatan can upset ur stomach easily it happens to me few days ago when I had a visitor and when we missed eating proteins and I never maybe missed washing my hands properly before and after eating
That’s the time that when I ate and consumed those high potassium fruits became my angony I try to be weak dehydrated and don’t like to eat my body began to drop and my stomach is so aching that I almost can’t endure the pain I try to rest for a while but I can’t sleep properly and it hurts everytime when u breathe deeply from your lungs and almost 5 times u always poo and uses toilet where there is a shitty liquid coming from your pants this is so embarrassing
Right now after 3 days of suffering I’m feeling better I put an ointment in my tummy and drink plenty of water and do eating bread apples banana tundan and water  and also pray and drink medication controlly like loperamide and buschopan with moderation

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

which kind of volunteering do you want in your life

As I write it beyond my head, I just keep thinking which are the places in Asia you want to come as volunteering, Mostly based upon my experience mostly people I bound with are millennial travellers who are between the age of 21-30 yrs old, They want to experience and building memories and by the time I know them, we are building memories and contacts for life
Well for 5 months of experience as a helpx member, I just notice flying cheap, then living cheap in wherever corners of the globe I am, I feel like I saving money after all
but the memories and the people new in your life is just a little bit adjustment
In my life I want to learn different language and culture too, Maybe if I was working far away maybe that might be the case but living in the 36 yrs with so many bills to pay its was really hard

Friday, 20 July 2018

new rules for applying renewing of philippine passports

the application for renewing your passport will be updated, the lists are the requirements to renew your old expired passports , you can log in thru their website in passport appointments or just read here if you are near the consulate and you are out of the philippiens

Sunday, 14 January 2018

luggage counter in NAIA terminal 3 in Manila

There is a luggage and more, where you can store your luggage with a fee per day and per bag
It is near the jolibbe in the first level of NAIA terminal 3.
The said food chain has just at nearby of Chowing fast food
Then the small bag is charge 300, then the big bag is 350, for 24 hours, If you exceed to pick it up after 3 hrs, you will be charge for another hour rate

This is a way where you can left your luggage s if ever your flight is a day after or a two after, if you go to Laguna to visit friends ad family, but make sure you have to count the 24 from the date you leave your bags to them to avoid penalties of each bag.

Friday, 6 October 2017

no more locking fees for phones purchase or plan in Canada

Right now as Ive written this, I already know that from the start, the network provider are charging too much to every postpaid plan that a customer gets, whenever it is a TAB plan or BYOP plan,
Some of the plan which is not cheap, and not expensive starting from 35 to 45 dollar monthly, with no data or meaning you can only have unlimited text within canada and the call is restricted only after 5 pm everyday ,some have extensions like saturday and sunday( but mostly this is not true)
So basically, you will be charge  by data if you call before 5 pm, whenever you forget to call a friend or a call via microsoft or HP hotlines, its not all free.
Way back to the unlocking phones, mostly mobile  companies in canada like rogers, koodo, telus and bell have hidden charges to their subscribers when yo get a plan, For example with my case, I paid high more than my 35 $ monthly fee like 100 up to 160 per month, because i sometimes neglect calling hotlines of some giant computer companies, until now I already cancelled my account, but koodo still charge me 45.45 $ even if I already settle my account before i cancelled. they said its unlocking fee but my phone is still locked and the security code that they given me doesn't work until finally they told me that they will get a representative from my phone manufacture to contact them until when i cancelled nothing happen,
Now they gonna hunt me for it, because they will know that effective Dec. 1, 2017 all the phone plans that you can get from that expensive networks in canada will be now FREE.
Yes its free, thats what the new s that i came from when i tried to call virgin mobile representative in canada and when i find infos i get this form CRTC
Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman of the CRTC, said in a statement, “The Wireless Code has helped make the wireless market more dynamic to the benefit of Canadians. While they appreciate the Code, they told us loudly and clearly that it could be more effective. We have listened to them. The changes and clarifications we are announcing today will give Canadians additional tools to make informed choices about their wireless services and take advantage of competitive offers in the marketplace.”
Blais ends his five-year term as CRTC chairman on Saturday. He said in a previous speech this week “fast action” is required to increase wireless competition in Canada.
Locked phones and unlocking fees ($50) have been big business for Rogers, Telus and Bell, as it prevented customers from switching providers and also limited how customers were able to use their devices overseas.
Just how much do the Big 3 providers pull in from unlocking fees? The Financial Post sums up CRTC data:

Saturday, 2 September 2017

the hell of indonesias night buses

Just for advise to all travellers who wanted road trip from jogya or jakarta going to bali which takes 24 hrs or more to reach via night bus and one day journey on the boat (gilimanuk port) which takes 4 hrs or more to reach the island of denpasar (bali)
If that is fine with no sleep and the bus is uncomfortable to sleep with. less aircon and mostly when you used the toilet in the bus(very dirty some not flushing), some bus are not allowed to used their toilet i wonder why, they always close that it did happen to me once so i have to used the toilet in the restaurant when we had stop( it cost 2,000 rupiahs for all the washroom used in indonesia) even in the mall.
the seats in bus also is not comfortable with your legs, with your neck and some parts of the body. If I were going to do it next, I must say I will never ride the bus again, If you have  enough money just get the train (malam tickets) from gambir station. malam means night . but they are  only limited time slot so reserve your tickets early. You can also go to their supermarket named ALFAMART or INDOMART to booked your train tickets.
ATTENTION: bear in mind always that you can’t get a ticket if you booked instantly today. you have to booked it 2 days before your trip so you will never get a problem. Also avoid travelling or riding train in SATURDAY AND SUNDAY because all the seats in the train are booked! yes it happens to me once! think smart! its better to be early than never!

Friday, 18 August 2017

Monday, 19 June 2017

c-6 bill amendments for applying canadian citizenship

Bill C-6 to Become Law on June 19, Changing Canada’s Citizenship Act

“We want all permanent residents, if possible, to become Canadians,” said Canada’s Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen, at a recent conference in Toronto, and now the process will become quicker and simpler for immigrants to the country. Bill C-6 — which, among other changes, will decrease the amount of time new immigrants have to wait before becoming eligible to obtain Canadian citizenship — will receive Royal Assent this evening (June 19), the final step before the bill may become law.
Under the new law, immigrants will now have to accumulate 1,095 days, or three years, within a five-year period before being eligible for citizenship, instead of the 1,460 days required within six years under the previous act. This provision had been brought in by the previous Conservative government in June, 2014.
C-6 will also:
  • Allow permanent residents who had spent time in Canada on temporary status, such as on a work or studypermit, to count up to 365 days of this temporary status towards the residency requirement.
  • Remove the ‘intent to reside’ provision, which previously required new citizens to state that they intended to reside in Canada.
  • Eliminate the government’s ability to revoke citizenship from naturalized citizens who hold dual citizenship on national security grounds, which the now-governing Liberals had said created a two-tiered citizenship system when in opposition.
  • Permit children under the age of 18 to apply for citizenship without the support or consent of their parents.
  • Give individuals who lost their citizenship on the grounds that it was obtained fraudulently the right to appeal that decision in Federal Court.
Though C-6 is scheduled to receive Royal Assent on June 19, it remains to be seen when the government may bring into force certain clauses contained within the bill. These may be brought into force at a later date.

Canadian citizenship

Citizens of Canada obtain all of the rights and responsibilities that come with this status, including political rights, such as the right to vote and stand for office, as well as residency rights, without the need to accumulate days of residency in Canada (a requirement for permanent residents who wish to retain that status). In addition, Canadian citizens may apply for a Canadian passport, one of the most valuable passports globally.

C-6 will finally be law

Having first been passed by the House of Commons 12 months ago, many immigrants and their families have been waiting patiently for C-6 to receive Royal Assent, the final step in a bill becoming law.
After passing through the House, the bill was read in the Senate, which passed amendments to the initial text and successfully put it to a vote. The House, which has a Liberal majority, accepted two of the three amendments, covering the juvenile eligibility provision and the appeal process mentioned above, after which the bill returned to the Senate and passed once again.
A third amendment initially passed in the Senate, which would have changed the age requirements for immigrants to prove language ability and knowledge of Canada, was not supported by the government, and will therefore not be included in the bill that will receive Royal Assent on June 19. Under the new law, applicants aged 18 to 54 will be required to prove language ability and knowledge of Canada.
The Governor General of Canada, David Johnston, is scheduled to grant Royal Assent to C-6, among other important bills, at 7 p.m. EST in the Senate Chamber on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. The bill will therefore become law before Parliament’s summer break, which begins later this week.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

the amazing mountains of argentina

the amazing mountains of Argentina, is one of the beauty of its place. Imagine when you see the mountain it looks like a painting from the gallery. and the water is looks like freezing, so how invade the nature when you can have time to relax and no entrance fee. although the mountains is surrounded by hills and water, but still its beauty is magnificent and there you can swim, have a bath and take a picnic or something like skiing seems like switzerland.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

President Duterte proclaimed Martial Law to all island of Mindanao

President Duterte from the Philippines declared Martial Law in the whole islands of Mindanao yesterday May 23,2017 because of the war against the muslim rebels which they claim to be an ISIS member, Hence the President was pissed off from their attack in the capital city of Lanao del sur, MARAWI
The said attacked killed some civilians and ravished injuries and cause a lot of panic from the household members of the society to all the people of Malawi, in Lanao del Sur
After his cut visit from Moscow, Russia, President Duterte met shortly with President Putin to raised his awareness against the strong ties with Russia and to promote his advocacy regarding peace talks and economic boost between two countries.
President Duterte, which hails from Davao city, where He was 3 consecutive Mayor in that city. made Davao city a peaceful place in Mindanao. He proclaimed the Military controlled known as Martial law to protect the public and the civilian safety

pres digong nag proclaim ng martial law sa mindanao

MOSCOW, RUSSIA----Pres. Digong from the Philippines proclaimed Martial Law in the whole islands of Mindanao last May 23,2017 while He was in official visit for His economic boost program for the Philippines. However, when they tried to met up with his agenda to Pres. Putin in Russia, the shootings and killings from the province of Lanao del sur, the capital of it, MARAWI was surrounded by muslim rebels name Manaute, they claim to be a member of ISIS terrorist attack.
Soon the President of the Philippines flies after meeting with President Putin from Russia to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, He declared the Martial law from all over the Mindanao to protect the civilians and the public safety.

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