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Thursday, 11 March 2021

Beware of this ethereum wallet adress it’s a Scam


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  • We are happy for our followers and members for being with us still now. Due to this,

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  • ETH  address  0x9cbf9eee580211e914d37a03a91b21212ff88d4b

  • Note: This update is valid until we remove it.And you can send from any exchange or wallet

uring the live event March 3,2021

This ethereum Waller address are scamming people and trick them to

Giveaway from Digifinex Fb love events during the CRS . I was trick to deposit ethereum and u I’ll get

More ethereum . I was so stupid I believe that those

Commenters saying that they also deposit and they receive their ethereum In a post with screenshot I was mentally manipulated believing that the digifinex are responsible

for doing the giveaway because it came

From their fb live event while people are talking in videos I never thought that posers are taking over the comment section using fake bot or people who are bot telling that they receive their giveaway with screenshot and after I sent 24 minutes ago they delete the comments of giveaway ! Now I can’t let go o and fundamentally away to relief myself by working extra hours just to compensate the 300$ I lost because of that give away !i contact the support of digifinex if that’s their

Eth wallet and they said it’s not I am

Feeling hurt mad and helpless 

lesson  learn if u can’t control being silly and trick from

Scammers next time u have to ask their driver license and ip adress at least u know where they are and who

THey are before taking revenge this crypto space is vulnerable and whenu are being trick 

Thursday, 16 April 2020

Global forex Ltd, A Scam! Be aware of this number +447721792687 and +447539515744 they ask bitcoin as payments

Beware of this website which are hooking people to invest their hard earned money
it was first started when I joined yobit in telegram I got messages from users there about onvestment group offerings 150% form150$ investment

300% for 1000 to 10000$
It started when I met this guy who message me in tlelgram showing profits of his investment and I was tempted to big interest on it then Insearch thenwebsite ans found it look like legit then I invested my hard earned money there 1096$ for start tanan refer two friend to invest for referral then after 48 hrs my money was there with 300% geothermal boom

The problem started when Inwithraw it the customer service bot tell me
I violated their company and I have to pay 17000$ to get the mining certificate but I been battling his conversation via whatsapp that Inwill not paying this shit Then he bargaining the price till 1005$ saying he risk his job after hrs of chatting I decided to deal
With it knowing that my withrawal will be release 24 hrs and that mining certificate will Ben made of u withraw more than 2000$ and made after an hour if I send the payment s tru bitcoin
Then I chatted this guy in telegram in the name agostoho looks like Portuguese and he said the company wa legit and he is blaming me why that I withraw
Then it was dawn time 4 am inchatted his guy aking help if I can borrow the  money and let jimmy pay back after my funds will be release but he said he can’t withraw but he chatted me after an hour telling gina cat went outside  and he’ll Ben back that he will talked to a friend but I have to send him 200& bitcoin to get the half don then1000$ need for mining certificate I sent him and he’s asking form150$ worth of bitcoin and I sense that I been scammed He blocked me and delete all telegram chat that we had After asking for my room mate to get even 200& to pay for mining they send me the mining certificate  after 3 hrs but the csr chatbot told me tonpay the rest which are 800
$ worth of bitcoin and I decline and he block my account
At the end of this $2600
The total amount of money I paid by bitcoin never return back to my account ! Hope the public will learned from my mistake that even I feel risk taker and m ow that scammed I still easy to trust people whom you chatted and never meet online

4 am

Monday, 3 February 2020

Driving from Santiago to Almirante bus stop going to bocas del toro

The islands bocas del toro is a isolated island which belongs to the Isla Colon on of the touristic island in the Isla Colon Bucas Grande . In order to come here you should purchase a boat which are shared with tourist and local the payment is 6$ per person and if you are a local
$5. The operator will discount you for 10$ round trip. The length of time to arrive to this island is more or less 45 minutes depends on the sea condition
But to get around here we had drive 123 km and take us 6 to complete our trip. The road are narrow and some are roller coaster ride so better be awake when driving since there are police in the town where people pass and they will penalty you for over speeding . mostly roads are well maintain and some taxi are driving so slow so u better deal with them .
If you came from Panama City it take your trip to 8 to 9 hrs of bus trip to get to Almirante where there is the station to take the passengers going back and forth tomBocas del toro. The water here are much better compare to other beaches in Panama. But some parts are rocky and very wavy so it’s good for surfing . The bus from Panama City is near Albrook Mall so you can get ur ticket there for round 35$ or more

Thursday, 16 January 2020

The old and New Cartagena

I fly from Toronto to Cartagena direct for 4.5 hrs of flying time, During the landing it was -33 Celsius which is hotter and I been approached by local driver telling me that for 30$ he can drop me to my Airbnb booked hotel but I decline so me and my friend made negation for driving us to Manga and he agreed.
However during the heart warming meet and great the driver tried to fool us The driver turn the car whenever and because the road was narrow and tight with all this taxi and privacy he spins us. Knowing how did it happen took us 30 minutes to arrive where I. Only 15 mins and he is asking for more $ but I decline I insist 20$ with a friend for drive and he insist to take a friend to get our bags even we can managed and take a tip of 7000 Columbia's pesos
The other option is not to withdraw in Columbia's atms your money because a massive of 780 cop chargers for atm withdrawal my friend made a mistake when he withdraw his card to Cartagena banks He withdraws 100,000 COP and charge him 14000 COp which is equal to 7$. Wow what a waste of money . Mostly food is just fair for 12000 COP you can get a meal of rice with chicken and drinks or beer for 4000 COP .Mostly restaurants in Cartagena has service fee of 6000 to 7000 COP which is closer to 2$

Wednesday, 30 October 2019


What is Bitcoin? Why bitcoin is so popular now days!
 With Bitcoin You can make money out of it
Just need 4 steps to succeed!
1. Money. You need a capital to invest in bitcoins. Just like the saying goes Buy more when its LOW, Sell it when its HIGH. Obey the golden rules and you will never be losing!
2.GOVT ID. You need this thing to be able to show to the world of KYC. Know your customer status. They need your address , birthday and of course your nationality or your status.
3. BITCOIN WALLET. IF you have already the two, then this is the three one to succeed! Download if you are from the Philippines, make sure you used my referral code klzbhd. Coinbase if you are based from the US. and if you are in Canada, used SHAKEPAY. make sure ask for my referral in Coinsbase and shake. pay. plus in coins level you can get 100$ Free Money. ask me how
4. PAYPAL. of course this is the most important YO have have to get this US payment system
It will only work with verified accounts for bitcoin wallet and for PayPal. Also PayPal has very strict rules regarding the buyer and the seller so don't screwd!

When it comes to bitcoin ah! Now that bitcoin has rises and fall, this 2019 marks the bitcoin saga where in some of the blockchains technology are trying to secure your account through their platforms! and mind you when I try to hear about bitcoin 5 years ago! I was just too lazy to know what is this and how to make money out of this!
Think of a cake! then slice it! well that’s bitcoin! You can buy the bitcoin cake for as small as 40$. The bitcoin price as of this written October 29,2019 is 1 BTC=12,060 Cad,/ 9,260.54 USD. Well surely If I invested it way back 2011 or 2015, I might be 40 percent richer today! Lucky it was opposite !
Well with bitcoin you can buy sandwich with that value in kiat! You can buy prepaid load  , Remittance, Send money, Buy tickets, shopping online etc. and many more!
Visit my youtube channel for more info regarding making money with bitcoins!
happy buy and sell!

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