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Saturday, 1 December 2018

Lady gaga film sucks! My film review about her Star is born movie

Based on her film, I dont really like the first time it was made, First the plot is not really attractive, Then the film is all about non sense because how can it happen in real life?
A superstar then engage in an ordinary girl, then turning into drug addict and die in the end
This movie didn't depicts really the importance of value as a married couple and how to reach your dreams.

why santa baby this christmas

Every christmas, I had to dream about having gifts to one family, When I was a child then i dreamed to have gifts like toys and money just to sustain my schooling and of course to have my family besides me.
My father is just a technician but then, we are so many siblings. Anyway me and my brother go carolling over the streets just to as get some little money for my family
During the 24th of December, I remember my mom and dad and my siblings eating together and having parlour games.

indonesias dangerous roads

mobile phone cost anxiety to all

Based upon my experience, I can't live without mobile phones, In fact i have 4 mobile phone which i made for my social media account and for my video blogging but then I read an article saying that it makes the people anxiety because in everyday life they are doing they are looking around social media, fb,ig WhatsApp, etc
Based upon what happen to my self, my eyes get affected also and my health because it can caused delayed in my bed time and it affect my mental and pscychological behaviour,

Thursday, 29 November 2018

money changers in thailand

I think these days that when I been to Thailand, parang nagging expensive habits na sya sa mga tourista, kay ngano? daghan naman gud mga tourista, then kalat kayo bisag asa ka, daghan kayo tao!
I seen that events because when I was there, astang biboha kayo ang market
Then daghan kayo naglaganap na mga money changers which is daghan kayo then naa pa gyud commission so dapat no motan aw mo sa mga money changers na gamai or no commission if mag redeem mo  og foreign exchange, mantakin mo naa silay rate na baba, then naa p a gyud silay commission right

Monday, 26 November 2018

SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL travel cheap in sylvan

I started blogging way back 2010 but then I dont know how to start, I dont know the niche or topic and the content about  my topic, but because of doing research how to get into adsense and writing content is very hard
first step in blogging is to know your interest
second step is gather more content regarding your interest
third step is to build an audience
forth step is to read and experiment and make your content monetize
first step is to talk to your audience and build a trust
six step is to build a circle of friends
seventh step is to build subscriber
eight step is to watch your channel grow
ninth step is to have time to write content and
tenth step is to create a blog connected to adsense account
eleventh step is to build build build content in time
twelve step is to endorse your blog to social media
thirteen step is to ask for 1000 subscriber
last step is the 4000 hrs

Saturday, 17 November 2018

My own reviews about BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY

Reading books for me will open our minds to the world, Mostly I love to read story books which are widening our horizon not only for horizon but mostly our world, I mean when it comes to reading I love to read more about fantasies who can travel my imagination where in I am in the world of fantasies of magic and excitement. A world where dreams do come true
One of the recent movies was BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY which was for me is a great film because it depicts the life of our modern heroes, our friends and the celebrities
The story defines the life of the lead singer, Freddie Mercury which was being played by Rami Malek, at first the story starts of him being a child to his family, and how hard life to tackles about his personality, then meeting the band, and meeting his dream to be singer
At first it was not been easy for him, making and starting friends whom the lead singer didn't push through and then the rest are history, he made up the band
Then he began meeting friends, reunited, making girlfriend and so much more , then He been managed well ups and down, and travelling the world making music, and making fans around the world through their concert First manager came rough, then second then third, until Freddie Mercury got drowned by fame where there are times he didn't turn their heads upon his friends and band mates and making a solo career
But then everything turns into a twist, he met a guy and date him, He dated his manager, his handler then I am not really familiar where he get the AIDS syndrome or sickness which the film didn't conveyed

Monday, 15 October 2018

Water melon toxic when it comes to excessive

Eating water melon and banana called lakatan can upset ur stomach easily it happens to me few days ago when I had a visitor and when we missed eating proteins and I never maybe missed washing my hands properly before and after eating
That’s the time that when I ate and consumed those high potassium fruits became my angony I try to be weak dehydrated and don’t like to eat my body began to drop and my stomach is so aching that I almost can’t endure the pain I try to rest for a while but I can’t sleep properly and it hurts everytime when u breathe deeply from your lungs and almost 5 times u always poo and uses toilet where there is a shitty liquid coming from your pants this is so embarrassing
Right now after 3 days of suffering I’m feeling better I put an ointment in my tummy and drink plenty of water and do eating bread apples banana tundan and water  and also pray and drink medication controlly like loperamide and buschopan with moderation