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Wednesday, 30 October 2019


What is Bitcoin? Why bitcoin is so popular now days!
 With Bitcoin You can make money out of it
Just need 4 steps to succeed!
1. Money. You need a capital to invest in bitcoins. Just like the saying goes Buy more when its LOW, Sell it when its HIGH. Obey the golden rules and you will never be losing!
2.GOVT ID. You need this thing to be able to show to the world of KYC. Know your customer status. They need your address , birthday and of course your nationality or your status.
3. BITCOIN WALLET. IF you have already the two, then this is the three one to succeed! Download if you are from the Philippines, make sure you used my referral code klzbhd. Coinbase if you are based from the US. and if you are in Canada, used SHAKEPAY. make sure ask for my referral in Coinsbase and shake. pay. plus in coins level you can get 100$ Free Money. ask me how
4. PAYPAL. of course this is the most important YO have have to get this US payment system
It will only work with verified accounts for bitcoin wallet and for PayPal. Also PayPal has very strict rules regarding the buyer and the seller so don't screwd!

When it comes to bitcoin ah! Now that bitcoin has rises and fall, this 2019 marks the bitcoin saga where in some of the blockchains technology are trying to secure your account through their platforms! and mind you when I try to hear about bitcoin 5 years ago! I was just too lazy to know what is this and how to make money out of this!
Think of a cake! then slice it! well that’s bitcoin! You can buy the bitcoin cake for as small as 40$. The bitcoin price as of this written October 29,2019 is 1 BTC=12,060 Cad,/ 9,260.54 USD. Well surely If I invested it way back 2011 or 2015, I might be 40 percent richer today! Lucky it was opposite !
Well with bitcoin you can buy sandwich with that value in kiat! You can buy prepaid load  , Remittance, Send money, Buy tickets, shopping online etc. and many more!
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happy buy and sell!